Wedding and Family 
Photography in Warwickshire, UK


Natural and Authentic is my motto. For couples who want timeless classic unobtrusive wedding photography, you're in the right place.
I take inspiration from fleeting moments and natural light. I shoot in an unobtrusive style and aim to create beautiful, timeless pictures that reflect your personality. I photograph moments, as they happen naturally. Beautiful, emotive portraits, relaxed and natural weddings and family lifestyle photography.

Natural. Authentic. Storytelling. 

what I do

My goal is to capture your wedding day as you dream it and tell your story in a unique and creative way. I care passionately about capturing the true love that you share and the energy you bring to each other, by not just photographing your wedding but capturing the day as you remember it.

Hi! I'm Victoria or Vickey, I have an absolute passion for everything Photo and Video and have since I was young. I was given my first camera at 13 and have barely put it down since, although I'm happy to say I have improved hugely since then. 
I specialised in Photography whilst doing a Film Production degree at University in London graduating with a First Class Honours in 2021. And I've been working as a Photographer and Videographer ever since. 

Photographer & VideogrAPHER 

Victoria Steed

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Founder & CEO

Ally Mason